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Cannot lift my arms


This morning's workout was 20 minutes of as many rounds as we could possibly do of:

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats

To say this was the upperbody equivalent of last week's lowerbody hell would be making a valid statement. I managed only 11 rounds, with Kris managing 15. Bill managed 16 rounds, Sandie and Darlynn 14 rounds.

I was (and am!) mightly pleased with my 11 rounds, as it was one more round than the fewest done in the previous morning classes. I was particularly careful to lower myself completely on the pull ups, touch my chest to the floor on the push ups (since "touching my chin" doesn't really lower my body much, I can stick my chin out a good 8" from my body), and bend my legs into a deep (bottomed-out) sit on the squats. I also used the medium-assist band on the pullups, requiring jumping only after the first five rounds. I didn't have complete pullup failure until the 11th round, when I couldn't pull myself up at all, and had to jump all five jumps.

I had given Kris some good natured heckling about his lack of flexibility on his squats, but couldn't say much about his upper body finesse. His pushups were as close to perfect form as could be expected.

Given that I'm unable to lift my arms, I think that I'll be deliciously sore tonight.