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Midwest feel


I have to say that I'm surprised - surprised at how much I like the time just beore winter starts in the Midwest. Instead of taking a bus from the hotel to the church this morning for Jessie's wedding, I decided to walk. Initially I wasn't sure if I left enough time to arrive before the wedding actually started (a serious embarrassment that I am, unfortunately, experienced in), especially when I met other wedding guests on the elevator in a rush and slight panic.*

I wanted to walk, however, since the church was only 1.2 miles away, 20 minutes should be plenty of time to walk over. That assumes, of course, that I know where I'm going.

I didn't, actually, but managed to find my way despite myself. Even this suburb of Chicago had that painfully Midwest feel to it, complete with a grumpy old man waving a fist, yelling at the youngsters. Ah, how much I missed this place.

I can honestly say, it's been a long time since I've been in a Catholic Church. If think about it hard, maybe I'll come up with a time that wasn't circa-high school. Maybe. Probably not. Even my church time has been limited to weddings and baptisms and the fly-through visit. I can't say I'm upset about this, though. More an observation.

* The other wedding guests ended up taking the shuttle that went from the hotel to the church, when I walked. I arrived at the church a good five minutes before those guests, and ended up opening and holding open the church upon their arrival.

Automobile is not always faster, especially when there's overhead.