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Skinny pants!


On a whim this morning, while looking for a pair of clean pants to wear to work, having not been home long enough in the last week and a half to even THINK about laundry, much less DO the laundry, I pulled out a pair of my skinny pants (not jeans, since I stopped wearing jeans about six years ago when I had the freaky, all over, hyper-allergic reaction and couldn't stand them any more), and put them on.

To my shock, they fit.

No, not the "hey, look, I can still zip of the zipper if I pull in my gut and hold my breath and pray I don't rip the seam when I bend over" type of fit.

Rather, they fit in the "hey, look, there's no bunching, no grabbing, no identation or bulge over the top of my waist because these pants fit perfectly" type of fit.

I haven't fit comformtably into this particular pair of pants since, since, since, well, ever. I actually bought them at the size I think I should be, not the size I actually am. Well, was.

But now they fit! YAY!