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So many people


Last night, with the tournament over for the team, I decided, okay, fine, I'd head out to the beach. I've spent most of the tournament on the fields or in the villa, not really wanting to go out to the beach when it was cold. Funny that, Florida, cold.

Bah, and went.

So I wandered out to the beach, less wandering, more skipping.

I REALLY should have clued in when I met not 5, but 10 ultimate players walking away from the beach.

Nope. I didn't.

I went through the archway under the condos next to the villas and stopped.

This is NOT what I saw:

Instead, I saw hundreds of people crowding the beach. There were at least five teams hanging out, drinking, playing double disc court, running around, and playing whatever throwing, hitting or shouting game drunk people can make up.

There were so many people I couldn't find any teammates for a good two minutes, having to scan each team carefully.

Funny how all athletic, half naked men all look the same on a Florida beach.

I eventually found my team, and was happy for a moment.

Until in nearly the same moment I realized that everyone around me was drunk, and it was raining.

Yep, about right, I thought, and went back to the villa.

I had some stats to finish up.