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Velocity exhaustion


Today's workout was 15 minutes of intense "how many can you do" exercises. In paricular, we had:

5 minutes of squats
4 minutes of box jumps
3 minutes of split squat jumps (lunge jumps)
2 minutes of kettle ball swings
1 minute of jumping rope

We had a minute or so rest between each of the exercises, which isn't really enough time to recover. I didn't manage nearly as many as I was hoping to make in the various exercises, not by a lot. I did manage 150 squats in the five minutes, which was the fewest number in our group. I barely eked out those 150 squats, determined to finish that many because it was 3 rounds of 50.

Both Kris and I had problems walking out of Velocity, our legs were so exhausted. I think I will be deliciously sore tomorrow.