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Jess and Gab arrive!


Went to the airport today to pick up Jessica and Gabby, who are visiting the area (and me!) for a week. One of the serious advantages of working a telecommute job is the ability to work from anywhere, including sunny (when it is sunny, that is) California. Jess was stressed about a lot in her life right now, so I suggested a change on venue. Sometimes the change works, sometimes it doesn't. In this case, it was worth a try.

So, out came Jess and Gab, and off to the airport I went. Nothing overwhelming planned for the evening, just hotel check-in and dinner. Maybe a hug or two, too. Oh, and planning for tomorrow.


We ended up going to the hotel (all of 1.1 miles from me IF you go the long way), dropping off their luggage, and heading to P.F. Chang's for dinner. We also stopped by Target on the way home (hey, they're all close to each other), for a swimsuit for Gab, but were unable to find any (in December, imagine that), so settled for shorts and a workout shirt.

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