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Meter on a rampage


One of the reasons I didn't want to stay in Indiana yesterday was that Meter was coming over to visit me this morning. We had talked about getting together, and she agreed to convince her mom to drive her over this morning, where we could garden, feed the dogs, and chat about life in general.

So, when she arrived this morning, mom Megan in tow, I figured the day was going to be good.

Megan handed me Meter's new toy when she arrived. I have to say, I was a little freaked out by it. It's a mechanical duck that quacks when you feed it its bottle. It isn't the soft, cuddly duck like Aunt Jemima from my youth, oh no, it's a plastic duck that contained in its feathers hours of entertainment.

Yes, entertainment. Tasty, tasty entertainment.

Tasty entertainment

Bella was quickly intrigued by the tasty entertainment, and came over to investigate. In reality, I think she was interested in the possibility of eating a small duck, which happened to be quacking over in this general direction, but that's part of the tasty entertainment, eh?

Meter was fabulous with Bella. She petted her without grabbing. The two were quickly fast friends.

Bella being patient for Meter

Part of me can't help but wonder if Bella had moved on from eating the small duck to eating the small child next to her. I mean, come on, anyone that cute HAS to taste good, no?

Bella and Meter

After a while, I decided that Bella needed a treat for being so good. I don't know if Bella really understands the concept of rewards, or if life is just what happens between rewards, but she was good enough to reward.

As I was in the kitchen, I heard a roll of thunder outside. The sound had me perplexed, as sun was shining in through both the front and the back windows. I looked around me, only to realize that Meter had followed me. The thunder was her announcing, yo, lady, here I am.


We played with the various balls I have around the house. Meter liked the basket ball, but I have to tell you, the 4.4 pound, soft, squishy ball I have really confused her. It was smaller than the other ball, but ugh, she couldn't pick it up very well.

She did, try, though. And managed a few times. After a while, though, the basketball was more fun.

Eventually, though, even the basketball can be boring, so we went outside to garden.


Although we did make it as far as the garden, and smelled a lot of flowers, the act of walking seemed to entertain Meter best. We walked around for a while...

Meter walking

until Annie joined in.

Annie kissing Meter

Then it wasn't so much fun.

Except that it was.

Annie and Meter became the best of friends, having in depth conversations comparing and contrasting foods and health care, swapping tips on hair styles and what to do about excess facial hair, even the best way to convince "the others" in the household to do their bidding.

I felt so left out.


Eventually, Megan came by and rescued me from the loneliness.

I swear, it is impossible for me to take a bad picture of Megan.

I want that superpower.


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