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After visiting Mark and Megan and Mirabelle and Meter, Kris and I journeyed up to Mike and Kate's house. Kate's company Christmas party was last night, and the two of them were looking for someone to sit the girls. My thoughts about sitting Liza and Maeryn usually run along the lines of "What? Play with the girls? Yes? When? Can I come over now?"

So, Kris dropped me off and left, as Liza, Maeryn and I played with a snap-together circuit set that I had bought Liza for Christmas either last year or the year before. To say that I purchase Christmas gifts a few years too old for young people is an understatement, because I nearly ALWAYS do it. Sure, a digital microscope is perfect for a four year old! What four year old wouldn't love to look at slides of insects on his computer?

Yeah. So, Liza didn't really understand electrical circuits. At least Mike was trying to teach her.

After a fabulous dinner of hot dogs and mac and cheese (mmmmmmmm, hot dogs for vegetarians, the best! I bribed Maeryn to eat my hot dog), we were allowed to watch an episode of Land Before Time (whoo!). Also known as "time for Kitt to work on her computer." I tell you, that's always fun time!


When bedtime rolled around, Maeryn was supposed to go to Mike and Kate's bed, with Liza heading to her own bed. The girls, however, had a better idea, and decided that jumping up and down on the air mattress made up for me was the best place for going to bed, not the two separate rooms. We played around for a while, with the two of them having problems going to bed until I rubbed their backs for a good twenty minutes.

They slept for a couple hours before I decided to go to bed. I really should have gone to bed when the two of them did. By the time I went to the bed, Liza was near the middle of the bed, with Maeryn bent over hogging the other half of the bed. I had no space on the bed. I nudged Maeryn a little bit, hoping not to wake her, and managed to wake her only a little in claiming my 10" of sleeping space.

Mike and Kate arrived home as I was drifting off. As near as I can tell, they wandered into the kids' bedroom, didn't find them, wandered into their own bedroom, and didn't find them there either. They're smart, though, and figured out we were having a slumber party in the pink room.


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