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ADP call


ADP called me today. ADP is the company that handles a lot of payrolls in the country. Mike had used them before, so we went with them again with CodingClan, mostly out of default.

So, they called me. The woman on the other end of the line identified herself as Julia, for which I was relieved, as she had called last month and I was unable to reach her to find out why she had called.

After identifying herself, Julia asked me who handles the unemployment insurance with the company. I was a bit confused at her question, as I couldn't immediately figure out why she needed to know that information. Maybe it was for taxes? I told her our carrier.

"How much do we pay a month?" was her next question.

"Why do you need to know this information?" I requested.

Turns out that she wanted to send me information about the other services ADP offers, and wanted to tailor the offers to fit the needs of our company.

Okay, this is the fuckup of a company that misfiled our taxes cusing the IRS to send numerous letters to the company, failed to correct the mistake for two years despite many letters and phone calls from us, and habitually withdrew too much money from our accounts to deposit overpayment of nonrefundable taxes in our name, costing the company thosands of dollars, and she wants to waste my time asking me to give her information on my company so that she can send me MORE information on crappy services her shitty company provides?


Unfortunately, I had to tell her three times that I'm not interested. So not only does the company suck, its employees are either hard of hearing or intentionally dumb.

I can't say I'm surprised.

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