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Good girl!


So, I'm out in Washington DC this week for the first DrupalCon of 2009. Since Jessica travels to DC to work onsite sometimes, she arranged her schedule to be here the same week. That week involves work, though, so when she went off to work, I tried in vain to use the hotel wireless, then gave up and went to register for the conference, hoping to snag some conference center wireless.

Since the conference center is only a few Metro stops from the hotel, I decided to Metro over instead of taking a taxi or walking.

As I sat on the Metro, with my backpack in my lap, I flipped it over. On the back of my pack, woven in the mesh cover, was a stiff white hair.


The little dog has sent a little piece of her with me so that I would be comfortable in a city three thousand miles away.

Good doggie!


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