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Kris' backward bet


Kris and his coworker Frank were talking a couple weeks ago about running. Frank commented that his best 400m time was 90 seconds. "Pshaw!!" Kris comments, "I can do that backwards!" They continued to joke around, and eventually ended up with the bet that Kris couldn't run the 400m in under three minutes.

Once I heard about the bet, I asked that they wait until I arrive, in order to see it in its full glory. They waited, but only just barely.

Kris wins the bet running backwards from kitt h on Vimeo.

After Kris crushed the time (I really wish I had yelled "2:40!" instead of "1:40!" to see what he would have done), we all went out for fish and chips, and talked about the bet. There was a side bet between Frank and Joe that Kris would fall over backwards at some point on the run. Now, that's a safe bet if I were running, not so much with Kris. So, Joe, here, is the ultimate backwards bet loser.


One of them suggested building a site about all the bets they make in the office. Apparently, they can make a bet about ANYTHING, and pretty much do. The "double or nothing" bet is nearly as common. I suggested a twitter feed of their bets, for the entertainment of the world. They all agreed it was a great idea, then realized that none of them twitter.


Maybe I should have bet them they couldn't twitter all of their bets for a month. THAT one I'd win.


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