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Lake Muskry hike


Today started out in a stark contrast to yesterday's 5:30 am wakeup. We managed to sleep until 8AM. After breakfast, oh, I felt like taking a nappy nap. Kris asked me, "What's wrong with that?" and imitated Bella's full body stretch, complete with toes pointed. I laughed, and fell asleep on the couch.

I woke back up at 10am when the doorbell rang. The hotel staff was handing me a bag of clean linens. Eh? Why? I guess since we were supposed to arrive on Sunday, Wednesday was an okay day for new linens.

I did manage, however, to sleep until 11:30 am. Up and out!

Kris decided that after two days of sitting around, followed by sitting for hours driving around for a little bit of touring, that we needed exercise. We REALLY needed exercise. He had found a hike in the guidebook, and off we went to Late Muskry.


We arrived just before 2:30 pm, an admittedly late start, having taken a short diversion at a marked viewpoint. As we were parking the car, Kris started backing up into a ditch. "Stop stop stop!" I cried out, stopping Kris before he drove over the edge of the road and into the ditch. To my horror, I watched as Kris drove forward and nearly drove into another ditch in front of us. I cried out again for him to stop.

He stopped, but not before nearly going over the edge. He wasn't able to put the car in reverse, so I ended up pushing the car back up out of the ditch, along with a man who happened to be working onsite.

Kris claimed he didn't go over the edge, he was "this close!"

We had to walk a good twenty minutes before I wasn't still annoyed.


Before we set off, the Irish man who had helped me push the car from the edge of the ditch, told us it was a long hike, that when it starts to get dark at six, it gets dark really fast. The book said the hike was a three hour hike, so we'd be done by 5:40, really. Right?

The weather was horrible on the way up, winds blowing in our faces, clouds coming in thick and wet, the sun disappearing and the gloom overwhelming. The way down, however, was all sunny and bright and light. An amazing contrast.

We started off on our hike at 2:40, and arrived at the lake at 3:50pm. We left the lake at 3:58pm, arriving back at the car at 5:00. For a three hour hike, I think we did pretty well. We would have made it back in two hours, except I had problems with my left knee locking. I ended up wrapping my knee with my shirt, to keep it from locking, and enabling me to walk down the hill.

Stupid knee.

We did see rainbow sheep on the way up, though. And herding dogs. Both were fun.







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