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Mmmmmm, tasty


When I purchased the tickets for this flight, I selected the 'vegetarian meal' option. I'm particular about selecting these options, though I try to be high maintenance only for Kris instead of for both of us. When dinner came through, I made sure Kris had more than the chicken option, but was disappointed to learn they had lost my vegetarian selection.

The attendants were, however, fabulous in recovering after the error. I quickly received a tray of delicious non-meats:


I was pleased to learn we were served Irish butter ....


... but a bit puzzled at the lack of Irish cheese.


Now, the kiwi threw me off. I've never eaten a kiwi before, choosing to pass along the furry fruit to anyone who will eat them. I'm on vacation, though, so, hey, why not try it? Really? Why not? Just because it's furry, and has slimy jelly flesh, and tiny annoying seeds, I mean, why not?

I had some. It was better than I was expecting.


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