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Vacation in haiku


Sitting in the airport for a long time gives us a long time to read, surf and ponder. I suggested we write our vacation in haiku. To my surprise, Kris readily agreed, and provided the first haiku.

At Dulles Airport
Forty hours, now our new home.
Waitress knows our name.

Relaxation starts
With a security note
Read aloud ten times.

I offered a retelling of his arrival at the Dullest airport:

Kris called, reached me not.
He found me at baggage claim,
Mostly by my pounce.

Kris was, however, lamenting our long wait.

B gate fifty one,
Why do your doors not open?
Ireland beckons!

Stuck at the airport,
We expected to be gone.
Brynne suggests Carbombs.

Oh, my, oh, my god,
Are we really on the plane?
Ah, no, still at gate.

When we landed, I offered this haiku:

Crew walks down aisle
To wild applause from peons.
I'm rolling my eyes.

Flight was yesterday.
Airline had us stay the night.
ROFL cake pwnage.

And about that woman:

Sitting on the plane,
Wet hacking coughs behind us.
Pissed? You could say that.

I wonder how long we can tell this story in Haiku.

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