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Baby fever inducer


Kris' first cousin once removed, Zoe, came to visit us tonight. Being only a few months old, she kindly brought along her parents, Kris' cousin MikeP and cousin-in-law Rachelle. Are they now my cousins-in-law, too? Am I legally any relation to Rachelle? Because that would be cool, if I am. She, and, really, MikeP, are the kind of people you WANT to know, WANT to call friends.


At dinner, MikeP and Kris caught up on the family gossip. Rachelle chimed in a lot during the conversation, which made me realize just how distant I am from Kris' family. He doesn't really do much to change that, he himself not really engaged in his family's lives. I had to think I'm not really engaged with my family's lives, either, with the exception of my Mom and Dad. Even the brothers' day to day happenings I need to hear through one of them.

Good lord, why don't my brothers blog? It would make life so much easier for me.

Zoe was pretty much a charmer. I mean, just look at how happy Kris is to hold her:


No really, he's happy. He just needed a little girl to motiviate him. I asked what he thought about having one, you know, just for fun, to fit in with the rest of our friends, given they ALL HAVE KIDS NOW. Of course, his answer was "nah," but Rachelle picked up on my question immediately.

"She's given lots of people Baby Fever. Better watch out."

Better yet, just hand her back, lest she poops.


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