Danger turns 3, begins jump house domination



Danger, er, Alex turned three today. To celebrate his continued, non-stop march toward complete world domination, he mind-jedi'd his parents into renting him a jump house. Of course, he didn't jedi just jump house, he jedi'd a jump house so large that not only is it better than my house, but also visible from the space shuttle flying by in orbit.

My plan was to show up after all of the sugar was consumed by the small people running around, then swoop in and play with them. My plan failed when Katie let me know there were cupcakes left, and I should partake.

Partake I did. Damn and dang, those cupcakes from Kara's Cupcakes are amazing. My mini cupcake lasted as long as it takes to blink twice. Fast. Which is to say, I hoovered it.


I was able to chat with Pickett and fam today, which was awesome. Doubly awesome was getting to meet Jesus. Sophie is incredibly cute. Pickett commented that she has a very outgoing personality, willing to say hello to every one. After learning "stranger danger," I think Pickett should start grooming her for politics. With her looks and personality, she'll go far.



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