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Well, look at that.

Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian should be titled, "How to Cook Everything except Orach Vegetarian," as it has no recipe for orach in it. Hell, I barely know what orach is, so surely this expert should know more, right?

Well, here, you become more of an expert: orach is a purple, leafy and somewhat stemmy, vegetable similar to spinach in texture, taste, and, hence, uses. It came in this week's CSA box.

I chose Bittman's Rich Spinach Gratin recipe to use up three more eggs today. Gratin that tastes more like a custard? Really, sign me up.

I was entertained with the purple water that washing the orach produced, almost like purple beet water. I'm sure the compost heap enjoyed the extra anti-oxidants from the colored water.






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