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HackerDojo director!

Hey, everyone! Wow, we had more qualified applicants for our Director
positions than spaces! I'm delighted by people's enthusiasm in
pitching in, but also want to specially thank those that applied that
were not selected as Directors. I'd like to honor your spirit of
service and make sure that we have great ways for you to contribute to
the project.

With no further ado, I hereby present Hacker Dojo's Founding Directors
in no particular order:

1) David Weekly.

2) Kitt Hodsden.

3) Melissalynn Perkins.

4) Brian Klug.

5) Jeff Lindsay.

From each of the Directors I'll need your best email, phone, and
snailmail addresses for our legal filings. Please get that information
to me immediately. Oh, and your signature in blood that you're signing
your life away. ;)



Yay, me!

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