It was a Wicked and ...


No, no, the wind was Tuesday, not today. Today was a trip to San Francisco to see Wicked with Heather and her friend, John. Kris was originally supposed to leave work relatively early, swing by Doyle's office where I was working today, and pick me up, before heading up to the City to meet up with Heather and John for dinner. Sure, and I was SUPPOSED to take the train, too. Neither of those happened, Kris had to work late, so I drove up to the City to meet up for dinner at Osha Thai, having been disorganized enough myself that I drove into work instead of catching the train.

We ended up having dinner so early that not only were we able to finish dinner, we were also able to park and repark my car three times, each time a block or two closer to the theatre, inching (blocking?) our way to a shorter return walk to my car after the show.


Where we had no problem parking and sauntering to the theatre, Kris had the opposite experience. Worse, BOTH of my cell phone batteries were dead, and I had to borrow Heather's cell phone to wait for Kris to arrive at the theatre. As I stood waiting next to the theatre entrance, happily people watching the groups of people walking by on their way to the show, I started to worry when the time remaining decreased to fifteen minutes, ten minutes, eight minutes.

He ran up, to my relief, about five minutes before the doors were going to close, giving us not only enough time to find our seats, but me time to reconnoiter the restrooms. Of course, these are the restrooms that inspire rants, so I pretty much knew what to expect.

We made it to our seats in time for the show's start. Of course no photography was allowed, so, of course, I took a picture. I swear, next time I'm going to sit in the last row, so that I can take a whole bunch of pictures without the people behind me ratting me out.


The seats we had were fairly good seats, other than the fact that Heather's seat sat 4" low and my seat sat 4" high. I'm sure I annoyed the people behind me, sitting so tall that I blocked the view of at least four rows behind me. Heather and I switched seats, which meant Kris and I held hands on Heather's lap during some of the "You're perfect! No, you're perfect! We're perfect together!" songs. I think she rolled her eyes at us. I just smiled.

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