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It was a wicked and wild wind ...


... Blew down the doors to let me in.
Shattered windows and the beat of drums,
People couldn't believe what I'd become.

The weather today was crazy. Okay, not so much the weather as the wind.

I noticed it first when the garage door was creaking open, then closed, then open, then closed, then open, then closed. After maybe the twentieth knock of the door in its frame, I went to firmly shut the door. Although I noticed the wind, I didn't think much of it.

Until the knocking on the front windows drew me out of the office in confusion why anyone would be knocking on the windows in the front yard. Turns out, the knocking was from the wisteria and grape vines growing down in front of the house, swinging into the windows, making noises. It was then that I noticed the trash can sliding down the street and realized that maybe the wind was strong today.

Kris came home early today (to play WoW, of course, it being one of his two sanctioned raiding evenings), early enough that teh two of us could dash off to pick up dinner, instead of my fixing dinner for hmmyself and Kris scrounging wheatever he coudl find. We haven't really been eating out as of late, since returnin from Ireland, actually, so this was a nominally rare treat .

On our drive south on El Camino, a flash of blue caught my eye from across the street. "Did you see that?" I excitedly asked Kris. A large turquoise blue flash had flown up about twenty feet into the air on the other side of the boulevard, stopped from crossing into our side of the road only by the trees planted the median.

"Yeah!" Kris responded. "That sign just flew off the building!"

"The sign? No, that was the hood of the turquoise Honda that was just blew off the car."

Yes, the winds are fierce today.


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