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"For someone who doesn't like to have her picture taken, you sure take a lot of pictures."

I had decided this morning that given the lack of interest I had yesterday at the design conference and the overwhelming pressure I was receiving last night to be in the office, I would do well to resign myself to writing off the conference as a learning experience (Lesson learned? Never, ever go to a conference alone again) and earn money today.

I also decided to skip lunch and work the extra two hours lunch might take. I quickly learned the folly of my decision when I realized I had left my lunch at home, so off to lunch I went, half an hour after I had arrived at work.

As we were walking into the restaurant, Doyle was humored by my camera out, and commented about all of my picture taking, while showing me how he really felt about it.


Lunch was at a brewery, where we met up with a former co-worker, who had just found a new job (lots of cheers!). For the most part, I like brewery food, but today I was especially excited about having fish and chips, which I have been, strangely enough, craving for a while now. Might have been because it's been a month since I had some last.

To prove Doyle wrong, I took a picture of myself after lunch, catching Michael just before he started panicking about where he left his sunglasses.

Um.... on my face?


On the way out the door, one of the guys noticed a Lamborghini parked across the street. As we paused to chat a few more minutes with the ex-coworker, we watched the car. We speculated about its owner, laughing and suggesting it belonged to the old guy who just exited the donut shop the car was parked in front.

To our shock, horror, amazement and delight, the car DID belong to the old guy. Several elder jokes later, we all hoped the old guy would just peel out of the lot. He didn't, but if he had, he would have been all of our hero and inspiration.


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