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Oh boy!


Oh, boy! Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy!

At my request, Kris ordered a few boxes of Greenies online for the girls. You remember the Greenies, right? Doggie Crack®?

Yeah, well, Kris ordered the Greenies and forgot to tell me he had ordered the Greenies. Thinking he had forgotten to order them, and having a dangerously low supply of Greenies (we have one, as last night), I ordered another batch of Greenies online. I hate buying them in the store. They're about $2.50 each if you buy them in the store and $0.89 each if you buy them online, $0.94 if you include shipping and had to pay for it by not ordering enough Greenies to receive free shipping (usually not a problem in this household).

Bella was happy for the delivery today. If only she REALLY knew what is in those hermetically sealed boxes. Of course, if she did know, I suspect she'd go rabid and kill both Kris and me on the way through the boxes.


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