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Bella and I went for a walk today. We went to drop off a book.

I've started cleaning up items that I don't want and piling them up for Freecycling. One of the items was the cookbook, "The Vegetable Dishes I Can't Live Without," by Mollie Katzen, of Moosewood Cookbook fame. The problem with this book is that none of the dishes were interesting. Not one. They may have been vegetable dishes Katzen couldn't live without, but I certainly could.

I registered the book at Book Crossing, and decided to leave the book at the Charles Street Garden. Driving fewer than two miles to drop it off at the garden seemed like a waste of gas and time to me, but I didn't really want to walk for two hours to drop off the book either. Bella solved my dilema by harrassing me for a half hour, begging me to play with her, play with her, play, play, play.

I offered a walk, and she accepted.

So, off we went to walk.

She did well. She shifted into her "I'm on my own hike" pace and walked pretty much straight over to the garden. Maybe she sensed we were on a mission, since I wanted to finish my hour of walking in only an hour, not two by dragging the dog. I don't really know.

She was, however, a trooper, walking the whole way with a nice, crisp pace. We dropped our book off and left. Here's hoping it finds someone who enjoys it.


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