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I went to the Mischief practice today. My knee's been killing me, with my still being unable to go down hills, but the practice was at Baylands, which is close enough to home that I really needed to go. Unfortunately, I was five minutes late, and had a rough time warming up. My best part of the practice was the first 3/4 of my warmup lap. Sigh.

I did, however, take my new camera. It's an EXIM instead of my current Canon favorites. I bought it because it can take pictures up to 1000 frames a second. Of course, such speed depends on 1. being able to actually center the subject of interest properly in the frame, 2. being able to push the button at the correct time, because you have only that one second and 3. being able to live with some really tiny pictures. Although I can take 3k x 2k pictures for about 3 seconds at 30 frames a second, the 1000 frames a second pictures are around 200 x 100 in size.

Also known as tiny.

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I'm still working on the 1 and 2 of that 3 item list.

I figure, once I manage to offload the images to my computer, I'll be all set. The documentation with this thing, though, hoo boy, CRAP.

I kept up with most of the practice, declining to participate in the huck drills. I had such a hard time with the five on five opening games, though mostly in confusion whether or not we were hot-subbing or only between points, that anything requiring all out sprints were just not coming from my legs.

As one of the last drills we did, we ran a zig-zag marking drill, where each player in a group (we split by gender) marked a disc that was thrown zig-zagging down two parallel lines of players, for a total of maybe 15 throws per set. I managed to tip three discs and actually handblock one, missing another half dozen by only a tiny bit. Oh, how I wish my arms were an inch longer. Of course, if they were an inch longer, I'd probably want another. Yeah. Of course.


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