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I tell you, I have the bestest friends ever. I mean, how many three year olds will let me help them make chocolate souffles, then NOT EAT THEM, leaving all of the tasty tasty chocolate for me?

I know at least one. We'll have to wait to see if Meter grows up to be number two.

Mirabelle and I with the souffles

I went up to the Smith's house tonight to spend time with the family. I arrived late, so missed out on helping fix dinner. Best way to make up for it? Make chocolate souffles. Mirabelle helped out and was amazingly good for a three year old. She didn't like the mixer noises, but seemed to love sugaring the ramekins.


We used the easy chocolate recipe from the New York Times that Mom brought over when she was out. It uses eggs and sugar as the roux, which is weird, but effective. The eggs from Andy's chickens are AMAZING. Other than just the dark dark yolks, they also beat into stiff peaks really easily, and without cream of tartar.


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