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Scoot experience


Scooting over to work from the South San Francisco Caltrain station, having only my trusty phone for a map, was an, uh, adventure. The distance wasn't so long, actually. I'm glad I used the scooter instead of walking. It was fun, too (if you ignore the winds). The bridge was fun, and in one very small space, there was nature!





Now, on the way over, I saw a road that, according to the map, was a more efficient way to travel. Always on the lookout for a more efficient route, I took the other way back to the train station.

And learned the "note to self" lesson of "What looks easier in two dimensions, is not necessarily easier in three."

Hoo boy.

The road I took went up and down and up and down and up and down and up and down. The ups were long and arduous. The downs were quick and steep, so it's not like I could hoof it up the hill and glide down it. Oh, no.

When I stopped to ask a guy if I was going in the right direction for the Caltrain station, he directed me back a quarter mile to the shuttle bus station. I kept thinking, "Dude, if I wanted the shuttle bus, I wouldn't be on the freakin' scooter, would I?"

So, I wasn't so happy with the ride home.

The station is way too industrial for me to feel particularly safe, but I made it to the station in time for my train. Score one for pedal power!




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