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Starting young


I went over to Keith and Katie's this evening to meet up with Katie to talk book keeping. There were a couple quirks with the software I had, and didn't know how to enter some things into the books correctly, and needed her help.

After dinner, my bookkeeping lesson, and a quick shower for the kids, Katie, the kids and I sat down at the couch to socialize. At one point, Mia crawled over Katie, and stepped just so to push Katie's shirt down, initiating a wardrobe malfunction. Katie mumbled something about not showing Mom's nipples, which Alex heard.

Alex: "I have two nipples!"

Me: "I have two nipples, too. They're just covered by my shirt."

Alex: "You can take your shirt off."

Me: "Uh...."

Keith: "Ah, Alex. Practicing his lines on the ladies already."


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