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The water tank rides again!


Okay, yeah, nothing really to do with the lyrics, but the Revolution part, yeah.

Went to Stanford today to write down every throw Mischief players made today at this year's Coed Revolution. The coordinators (some from Los Angeles, no less) had asked for water help, and the water tank was available. I have to say that getting up at 7:30 am for a tournament is hard. Getting up at 7:30 am for a tournament I'm not even playing in is even harder.

Still, the lighting was interesting in the morning.


And the sloshing of the filled tank in the back of the truck didn't cause me any seasickness what so ever.




Okay, maybe a little.


Today's games were nominally uneventful as stress goes. Hanging out with the team is always a treat, but I sometimes feel quite displaced from the team, that it's no longer my team (it's not), and made up of only some friends, instead of the whole team being friends. *shrug*


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