Happy golden birthday, Bella!


Six years ago, we brought Bella home from Sausalito. She agreed to at least eight years on her Krikitt Downs contract, and has been doing pretty well so far with her end of the bargain.

Yesterday was Bella's birthday. Better yet, it was her golden birthday: she turned 14 on the 14th. We really should have celebrated yesterday as an incredible birthday for her, but, well, we pretty much forgot about yesterday.

Fortunately, we didn't forget today. Instead, we celebrated in style. We were originally planning a lamb and rice dish for her, with a dessert of strawberry slices, but realized we ran out of rice. Instead, she celebrated with lamb and her regular food, ending with doggie crack.

She seemed to really love it. Not that she'd really mind eating animal flesh, right? She's not really a vegan or anything

Happy birthday, Bella Girl! Remember, you have two more years to go on your contract!




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