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One year with Doyle


It's been one year since I started working at Doyle's company with him. One year, and five projects later, I'm still working with him. Not all of the projects have been smooth projects, and not all of the projects have been with Doyle. I've had two projects I've done completely independently of him, initially feeling guilty that I was assigned the COOL! NEW! project while Doyle was assigned the fix this site or upgrade that project or work on this long slow project that needs to get done but no one really wants to do projects.

I've also survived three rounds of layouts, er, reductions in workforce. The first one had me a bit guilty, since I essentially took someone's job by accepting the contract. That person hadn't been either a strong programmer or experienced in the skill sets the company needed, so that layoff wasn't bad. The next round of layoffs was more than a little surprising, but the third round was incredibly shocking, both to the people who were laid off and the people who remained. I found out about it the day we returned from Ireland and I went into work before everyone else because, hey, I was up early on Irish time, why not?

When I found out about those layoffs, I let the director who signs OK on my invoices that if Doyle goes, I go, too. Unless, of course, he goes on his own free will, but even then, I doubt very, very much I'd stay around. Doyle is why I'm working that that company and a HUGE part of why I stay: lose him, I go, too. Mark commented that, well, when they let Doyle go, he'll be following right behind him, making me feel better.

The remaining group I'm in is small: there are four developers, including me, one project manager and two very technical, hands on manager/directors. I very much enjoy working with most of them, and am working on working well with the others (and doing surprisingly well, given the innate differences in our personality styles).

I'm not sure the company as it is will be around in another year. I'm not sure the people who work there and make it an enjoyable place to work will be there. When they leave, I'll probably go, too.

Until then, I'm enjoying working with Doyle.

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