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Ask nicely


There are nice ways to ask for help. And there are sucky ways to ask for help. This weekend, I have to say, I'm far less likely to want to help those who ask for help by first insulting me or the people I'm working with, before asking for something from me.

The thing is, most of us here at this event are here because we love the sport of ultimate. I didn't have to help keep the servers up and running. I didn't have to stay up until 2:30 am, risking a migraine and an awful day the next day, to fix the damn scroll bars so that you could visit the scores page on your iphone without calling the site a hater. I didn't have to tweet score updates. I didn't have to put the rosters under the videos, or add the pretty pictures.

I chose to do all those things. And I did all of this because it was what I wanted, and I was willing to give my time and put forth some effort to make it happen. Maybe it'll happen again next year by someone else, maybe it won't. But calling the site a hater, and that you'll go check out the site to find more problems and report them back, doesn't really inspire me to help you out there as volunteer work.

Yeah, you get more flies with honey. Though I have to admit, I'm not particularly interested in gathering more flies, I have to say the honey part is right on.

Next time you want help from me, don't ask me if I fail whale much. If you do, I'll just block you from viewing my updates. Don't state the server wasn't ready because your computer is broken, I will call you out on it.

It's easy to understand: be rude to me, stop receiving the fruits of my efforts.

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