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Hello, Dymock



I bought my new computer four months ago. I returned it two weeks later, when I realized the option I really wanted was available, and purchased the one I really wanted: a Macbook Pro 15" with a matte screen. I really don't like the shiny screen.

Before purchasing the computer, I consulted with various sources to get the skinny on what features I should get, and which expensive ones I should avoid. Where I'd love to have the 8GB of memory, until I really need it, I decided it wasn't worth the extra $600. The 500GB 7200rpm hard drives hadn't passed muster yet, either, so I should avoid those. My current hard drive is 500GB, but only 350GB full, so I figured, okay, I can clear off another 50GB of data, and move over to the new laptop.

That was three months ago. I still hadn't switched to the new laptop. Three months, that laptop I wanted SO BADLY has been sitting in my office, unused.

Wow, that really sucks.

It pointed out three things to me:

1. I should really check in before making a big purchase: I may not really really want it.
2. I should wait before making a big purchase: I may not need it.
3. I really have a hard time letting go of things. I should work on being less attached.

Having had "switch to dymock" on my monthly goals list for the last two months, I figured it was time to do something about the laptop. I don't want it on my list for a third month (since, if it's not complete after three months, my agreement with Mom is that we have to pay someone to complete the task for us), so I figured I address the fundamental issue: hard drive space.

Today, I installed a 500GB 7200rpm harddrive into my new laptop, having not even used the 350GB in it, booted the 350GB harddrive via USB, installed SuperDuper! on it, formatted the 500GB harddrive (naming it CIDER), copied the full 350GB drive to CIDER, the 500GB drive, and marking CIDER the boot drive.

I now have my new laptop, and no excuse not to switch.

I am very excited about this.

Its name is Dymock, a bitter apple used to make delicious hard cider.


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