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Irresponsible dog owners suck


Decided to try something slightly different from our drive-to-Starbucks-and-walk-the-dogs-home-juggling-a-drink routine that has, thus far, left me incredibly frustrated and annoyed that I would try something so stupid AGAIN as to walk two beagles who like weaving a tango underfoot while carrying a half opened glass of milk. Instead, Kris and I enjoyed a five minute breakfast at Starbucks, while I ate my pumpkin bread (because, really, after baking 46 cups of pumpkin puree, anyone would crave a slice of pumpkin bread, it's a rule). Afterward, we headed back out to the car, to find Bella ready to drive, and Annie good with the getaway:


For the record, yes, walking home with two dogs without attempting a master juggling act IS much more pleasant. The cold air made Bella walk quickly and sniff less, for better enjoyment all around.

With one exception.

I have to say that irresponsible dog owners who think it's okay to leave their dog's shit and not pick it up, are complete assholes. Even if it's on the parkway, it's still shit. It stinks. It rots. It smells awful. It could contain parasites and bacteria that have ill health effects to those who come into contact with it, which include NOT THE DOG OWNER because the jerk f---ing LEFT IT THERE.

While walking, Annie pooped in a good area: dirt not grass, easily picked up without a lot of debris. As I was picking up the poop, I nearly stepped in another pile of poop, left there by some other dog. Annoyed, I picked up some of that poop, only to find ANOTHER pile two feet away.

Do these people not realize how much they suck? Do they not realize that by being so irresponsible, they risk others' privileges? Do they not understand that they are LEAVING SHIT in someone else's yard? That by leaving it, they are encouraging more dogs to poop and urinate in the same place, creating a cesspool in front of a neighbor's house (a neighbor that might not even own a dog)?

Come on, that's just plain wrong.

Irresponsible dog owners suck.



If this bothers you this much, then don't ever visit the Netherlands. Your head will explode.

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