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Today ended up being more of a planning day than we had originally planned. We woke up late (unsurprising, and I think a trend that may last this whole trip), and had our run, so lunch time was the next item on the list.

We wandered through downtown Rockland-not-Rockport, eating at MacClarens, a small Scottish Deli (right, that made no sense to me, either). I had some incredibly tasty, I-can't-finish ginger beer, which may just become my new favorite drink.


Afterward, we wandered through downtown, checking out the bicycles we could rent (and catch the ferry out to the islands for a day of casual riding), and the ferry schedule.

Since Kris is all excited about a boat trip tomorrow, he commented that I needed a hat. I had forgotten to pack one. I've been was using Kris', and, well, he'd had enough. So, he offered to buy me one. On our tour of downtown, we wandered into a gift shop, and found hats.

I wanted one with a wider brim, but Kris liked this one. I figure, he's the one that's going to see it, so, he chooses.


So, I now have a new hat!


Ginger beer is great stuff. I love the sharp bite it has along with the sweetness. And, joy of joys, it makes a great mixer.

Friends of ours are partial to a drink called a Dark & Stormy, which pairs ginger beer with rum of one ilk or another. While I'll drink rum in a pinch, it's not my first choice for hard alcohol (that would be tequila!). So my favorite ginger beer drink pairs the ginger beer with the almost over-the-top sweetness of Barenjager. Not to be confused with the similar sounding Jager Meister (which is, by the way, atrocious), Barenjager is a honey liquor that pretty much tastes like slightly thinned out, alcoholic honey.

Pour a glass of ginger beer over ice and add the Barenjager to taste. Repeat as necessary. Yum.