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Not this land


So, right, Kris has been talking about buying land in Maine. The land he's been talking about it like $6,000 an acre, so inexpensive enough, with low enough taxes, that even if we never build a cabin on it or visit it, the land wouldn't be too much of a financial burden.

So (so many so's here), off we went to look at some places that we saw on the window of a realtor's office in downtown Camden.

And there's where the problems began.

We had our first fight when looking at a property that, on paper, looked perfect. I know the trigger of my frustrations, I know that my frustrations are the reason for our fight. I know the fight wasn't so bad, but it definitely had some lingering effects, which, well, annoy me more. Vicious cycle that.

The land we looked at, for the record, was swampy, and, though big, not what would work. Honestly, I'm somewhat relieved. How much can you enjoy land 3000 miles away?


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