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Well, time to use the new hat.

We went out to the Owl's Head Lighthouse. It was closed for repairs.

Kris and Kitt

So, we wandered around the park a while, wandering down to the beach. On the way there, we passed a group of tipped trees.

Tipped trees

I find these trees fascinating. There were a couple on the prettiest walk in the world the other day. The root systems are incredibly shallow, possibly because of the rocky spots the trees grow on, possibly because of the weather. They seem to fall in groups, too. An interesting look at what's happening under the ground.

The beach we went to was rocky, but rocky in the most delicious way: it had hundreds upon hundreds of nearly perfect throwing stones.

I wandered around, picking up stone after stone and tossing them to Kris, who would exclaim, "This is a perfect throwing stone!" then throw it so that it would skip along the water surface. His best skip was over 14 skips before I lost count. Some of his throws weren't so spectacular (say, the one that didn't skip at all), and some were entertaining (say, the one whose first skip went about twenty yards so that we didn't realize it had skipped at first).

Skipping Rock Beach

Kris skipping rocks

He threw skipping stones until he threw his shoulder out.

Yep, that's a skipping stone good beach.

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