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Seeing TS3



I started the day off by heading to see Toy Story 3 with Mike, Liza, Maeryn and Liza's friend Niya. I have to say, if you're going to see a Pixar film, seeing it with a theatre of under-10 year olds is the best way to see it. There were giggles in places I wasn't expecting them and squeals of delight in all the places I was.

At the scary part (yeah, the part where even I was a little stunned at it), I looked over to see Liza and her friend huddled together, eyes wide staring at the screen, comforting each other as the scene progressed. "This is the part your dad told us about!" I heard her friend tell Liza. Maeryn herself was curled under Mike's arm for protection.


I had my arms around me.

After the movie, I had the distinct joy of heading into the bathroom with three girls, two of them chatting away across stalls. Maeryn and I bonded after each of us took care of our own business, when she showed me her ring.

Look at it.

Isn't it gorgeous?


All that said, I enjoyed the movie. It was fun, and didn't have any moment where I rolled my eyes or looked at my watch. Well, except for the moment when my watch alarm went off at 11:11.

And the parts where both Jonathan and Michael cried at? Suckers. You both warned me enough that I made it through tissue-free.

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