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Okay, so, there's this twitter meme where if someone steps away and leaves his phone available, the people around him find his twitter client and tweet "Poopin." It's quite common actually:

I was actually confused about it when I noticed the fifth or sixth "Poopin'" post, and asked Jonathan about it. He explained it to me, and I just had to laugh. A lot.

Now, I'm not allowed to touch the computer at Andy's. Having tweeted from his account about just how spectacular I am (okay, not really, but I did tweet a lot over a short period of time, not realizing they all went to Andy's Facebook account, causing Andy's Facebook friends to comment, "whoa whoa whoa slow down with the updates there, buddy."), I'm not allowed to even unlock Andy's screen saver any more. Not that we don't all know the password to it - we do. We're just not allowed to type it in if we aren't telling the truth (and well, I'd be lying if I typed in his password).

So, no access to his computer.

However, after Saturday's honey harvest, his ipad was accessible.

And sitting RIGHT. NEXT. TO. ME.



Andy was not pleased.

First email this morning:

you are so banned from ever touching any of my electronics again

Immediately followed by:

Andy Crews is The PUNISHER

I guess I won't be playing with Andy's ipad any time soon.

Off to change the password on my ipad...


Some things never change. ;-)

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