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Amused at serendipity


Last week, I finished reading "The Mysterious Island" by Jules Verne. It's the third book in the Captain Nemo series, even though you aren't told this until the end. Given that "The Mysterious Island" has a bunch of odd things happening on it, it's kinda clear that Nemo is around. The book is the least known of the Nemo books, isn't as good as the other two Nemo series, and wasn't a very popular Verne book.

I happened to finish the book on the anniversary of Vernes' birth.

This amused me, as Google also celebrated Vernes' birthday with a Google doodle.

I have the book because it was free on the kindle. I read it because I read random books. I recall finding Candide on my mom's shelf and reading it, to the puzzlement of my mom's husband. "Why are you reading Voltaire?" "Uh, because I liked the binding?"

After finishing "The Mysterious Island," I pondered what book to read next, settling on "The Count of Monte Cristo" as I have it in paperback with a bookmark about two thirds of the way completed. Clearly I had started reading it at some point, and not finished it. I have no idea when I started it (though I suspect it was over 15 years ago), or why I didn't finish it (I suspect, "SHINY!"), but I'd like to read it now. So, I started it.

And, what happens today, but a quote from Seth Godin from the book:

godin quoting count of monte cristo

Yes, I am amused by the serendipity of my choice of books.

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