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Leaping beagle


Yesterday, as I was walking around the couch to head into the kitchen to feed the dogs (wow, they had waited until 5:15 before sitting in front of me and staring at me, attempting their jedi-mind tricks - I'm on to them by this point, and know how to ignore them... somewhat), Annie leapt from the back of the couch towards the kitchen. She does this all the time. That she did so this evening was nothing out of the ordinary.

What was out of the ordinary was that I was walking towards the kitchen in front of her. Worse, that I had stopped in front of her to talk to Bella, who was also, oddly, in front of Annie.

And in the stopping did I commit to my doom.

Annie leapt straight into me.

In particular, straight into my left leg, which was firmly positioned on the ground.

Seriously, of all the various scenarios I imagined of how I could and might tear my ACL, I have to say that leaping beagle was not on my list.


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