Backed "Our Longest Drive"


I backed Our Longest Drive on Kickstarter today. It's a film about four friends taking a road trip to the Arctic Circle to play a game of golf:

Two friends and I, all recently retired, want to make a documentary about a road trip we're taking this June from Chicago to Inuvik, 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Our drive will cover seven US states, two Canadian provinces and two territories - about 5500 miles by RV. At the end of the 16-day journey, we plan to tee up at midnight of the summer solstice on a three-hole course called Road's End that's been cut out of the tundra. The never-ending light in the Arctic is a metaphor for life ever after.

We three buddies will be joined on this journey of self-discovery by another member of our regular Saturday morning foursome - a recently departed man named Mike, who will travel as ashes in an urn. A sufferer of juvenile diabetes, Mike outlived his expectancy by at least 15 years. He lived the last 15 years on the edge. He would have loved a trip like this.

This is an odd backing for me, I don't really like to back films or documentaries, but, well, this one somewhat called to me, with the friends and the road trip and the just doing it. The Canada angle is also appealing. I'm excited about the postcards arriving, too. I'll find out on May 28th if it funds.

Update: Funded!

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