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The win. It's all about the win.


While working in the living room today, Kris had the Kentucky Derby on the television. There was a woman jockey, Rosie, competing this year, so there was a lot of human interest stories around her. At one point, she was interviewed and asked,

"How would it feel to be the first woman to win the Kentucky Derby?"

She answered something like, "It would be great to be the first woman, blah blah blah something about inspiring women blah blah blah..."

Seriously, her answer was bullshit. Complete and utter bullshit.

I started ranting about it. Her answer should have been "Winning the Kentucky Derby would be amazing. It's what I've been working towards for years. And what do my boobs have to do with this race? Nothing. It's about the win."

Kris looked and me and said, "Tell that to the other groundbreakers."

I will.

And you know why?

Because that win is for her. That's why she's in this race. She's in that race to win. She's not in the race because she wants to be first woman to win the Kentucky Derby. She's not in the race to inspire little girls to love horses and become race jockeys. She's in that race because she wants to WIN. That win is for her. She may have something to prove, she may succeed (she didn't, but that's a different story), she may indeed inspire other women in the process, but that "first woman" part is for everyone else.

The win is for her.

Her boobs are irrelevant in that part.


Well said!

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