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Backed "OpenPhoto, a photo service for your S3 or Dropbox account"


I backed the OpenPhoto project today on Kickstarter.

I'm a HUGE fan of "own your own data," which limits how much I share and how broadly I post. While I'm excited about others commenting here on my blog, I often hesitate to post elsewhere, as I don't have a way to archive much of it back here on my site. I prefer to manage my own photo albums locally instead of Flickr, I'd prefer my own videos instead of Vimeo but haven't managed that one quite yet, I prefer my own email over my Yahoo! account or GMail account (or aaccount or whatever else email account I have whereever I've left them). While I archive my tweets, I haven't integrated them locally yet. The lack of keeping my own data is one of the reasons I dropped Facebook. At least Google has the Data Liberation movement.

So, this project? This project is awesome in two ways: Jaisen is working out of the Dojo, and it's all about owning your own data. This excites me beyond belief.

And if it has a decent API where I can post from my phone or command line, well, then, hot damn!

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