Cuteness overload


So, right, Ben is in town today. He arrived last night and spent much of his day in the East Bay with the many many folk of a previous (now incredibly profitable) startup he worked with years and years ago. Since he was around for dinner, he asked around to see who was also available. Most everyone was playing ultimate, celebrating birthdays (totally awesome, Happy Birthday, Megan!), or just out on such a short notice for his visit (we found out on Tuesday that he was coming into town, as he was thinking about if he could make it or not).

Heather and Vinny, on the other hand, were available, with two of the three in their household barely over being ill. Which means, yes, that's right, Daphne Time!

After an awesome dinner with Heather and Ben, we all went over to Heather's to see if Daphne was still awake. She was all of 1 minute in bed when we arrived, which really meant she was all smiles and giggles when Heather went in to pick her up. I swear, as much as Heather claims her kid is cranky and cries a lot, I don't believe her any longer: Daphne is the only kid who *hasn't* cried when I picked her up.

Silly girl.

We had fun, mostly chatting about Daphne and conversations from dinner (did you know that California produces 85% of the world's porn? yeah, I didn't know that either before tonight). I hadn't realized that Daphne was a French citizen, but she is, and that's pretty cool. I particularly enjoyed nibbling on tiny French fingers.

This picture notwithstanding, I would like to state that this seven month old child does not have a head bigger than mine.


After a short while of giggling on my lap, and my taking pictures of her, Daphne had something to say about the whole paparazzi thing. In particular, she said, "Hot dog!"

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