Ice cream with Dad


On the way to the airport today, Dad commented, "we should have stopped for ice cream," just as we were at Midway. It was 3:13PM, my flight wasn't until 4:45PM, and really, having ice cream with Dad? Totally worth being late for. I encouraged him to turn around, let's go! He was a little surprised, but turned right and we were on our way.

Ice cream with Dad has become our little bonding moments. Well, ice cream and cupcakes. Apparently sugar-cravings run in the family. Go us.

I like how much of a little kid Dad is when he has a bowl of ice cream. He knows how to enjoy them, and it makes me very happy to see him smiling and grinning over them. So, yeah, if I'm late for my flight, meh, so I have a crappy seat; if I miss it, there's the next one. I'm willing to miss a flight to hang out with Dad for just a little longer.

Sundae with Dad

I ended up at the airport at 3:45PM, through the (wrong) security line by 4:19PM (the priority line had the x-ray machine, and the peon line had only metal detectors, so, yeah, peon line for me!), and at the gate by 4:25PM. Totally worth taking that chance for ice cream with Dad.

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