Cinco Centavos

Okay, one of the interesting things I've refound amongst my stuff has to be the 1959 Mexican five cent coin in the pen cup this morning. I used to have a large number of old(-ish) coins when I was younger, high school era. I don't know what happened to most of them. They might be in my foreign-coins jar, which is packed away in a box in the garage at the moment. I remember having this coin, but really have no idea how it ended up in the pen cup. It's one of my favorite coins, though. I might need to start carrying it around next to the loonie that I carry with me everywhere, the one that Jonathan gave me a couple years ago.

Front side of the centavos:


Back side of the centavos:


And with scale (go, Troggie!):

Troggie and cinco centavos


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