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Moleskine Quality Assurance stickers


In each pack of two pocket sized Moleskines, there's a Moleskine brochure and a quality assurance sticker. The first one I noticed I stuck in the first page of the book. The next couple I received I thought, "Cute. Blue," stuck the sticker in the book, made a note that it cracked me up, and that's about it. Today, as I went to pick out my next everyday book color, I noticed the sticker was green. It prompted me to look at the stickers in the other books.

They have different patterns.

When the pattern repeats, the Quality Control Number changes. I had two colour and pattern repeats.

Oh, yeah, they also come in green, apparently.

Had I bothered to look, I might have noticed they come in multiple colours.


Of course, now that I've gone through all of my new notebooks, I probably won't figure of if there are any other patterns for a while. Still, fun to realize the patterns today!

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