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Life without undo


One of the features of ultimate that I really like is the giant undo button built into the game. When an infraction call is made by one team, the other team has an opportunity to consider, then accept or contest the call. Discussion can happen, or, if neither side can be shown the other side is correct, the disc goes back to its location before the call, the field is reset to the point in time when the call was made, as well as the players can recall, and play begins again.

One giant undo button.

During my day, undo is a part of my work: I can undo a coding change I made. I can undo an edit, or undo a system change, or undo a data manipulation (assuming it wasn't a lossy change).

Playing games, I can save progress in a game so that if I'm unable to continue or my character dies in the game, I can restart back at my saved location. With my newly gained knowledge I can try again.

I can shake my phone and undo the typing error I just made.

And it's all an illusion.

There really isn't a giant undo button in this world. Time goes in one direction, and it's the direction of learning, growing, being, stressing, aging, forgetting, death and chaos.

I kinda rather want a giant undo button, or maybe a big loop. Let me go back and redo parts, try again with a little more knowledge and a bit more experience.

Won't get to.

Really want to.

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