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Channelling Bella


After Bella died, Annie sorta moped around a bit. She seemed at first excited about ALL THE ATTENTION, but then seemed to realize Bella was gone and moped. Cookie was around briefly to keep Annie company, but that didn't work out, so now she receives lots of attention from Kris, me when I'm around, and friends who stop by.

I've noticed, however, that Annie has picked up a lot of Bella's habits and mannerisms. She sleeps where Bella would sleep, on the top of the couch cushions, perched to see who comes in the front door. She burrows now, as Bella used to do; Annie didn't burrow before. Annie sleeps with Kris now, in his bed, where she used to wander back to the bedroom around 4 in the morning. She also follows the dominant being around during the day, as Bella used to do, being in the same room as Kris when he's around, me when he isn't. She will often be within touch in the evening when someone is on the couch, as Bella used to do. I think the latter behaviours are because Annie is losing her hearing.

What gets me, though, is Annie now prefers to poop in ivy:

This is TOTALLY a Bella thing. Annie never used to do this: poop in ivy to hide her poop. Now she does it all the time, when at the school or on a walk. It's somewhat annoying when walking her at night, playing Find-the-Poop-in-the-Dark-with-a-Beagle-pulling-on-the-Leash. My annoyance is lessened by the reminder of Bella.

It's those times I like to pretend that Annie is channelling Bella, and that the stinky, little dog is still with us.

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