Wasn't I just so clever?


Last night, before going to bed, I wrote a schedule for myself for today. This morning, I jumped out of bed, and started in on that schedule. First item: walken the doggen.

Simple enough. As I grabbed the leashes, though, I thought, hey, the big dog always has the bigger, longer leash, and the smaller dog always has the shorter leash. Why not switch them up?

I put the longer leash on the small dog, and the shorter leash on the big dog. Wasn't I just so clever? The little dog is going to have a taste of freedom, and the bigger dog won't worry me as much. Smart me!

We walked outside. They ran down the porch steps as I locked the door. The tug as they hit the bottom of the stairs should have clued me in.

After locking the door and tucking the key away in my clothes, I turned and walked down the porch stairs, juggling phone, headphones, two leashes and the poop bag. The dogs took off running.

Now, the thing about dogs that every dog owner, myself included, knows is that the dogs know where the end of their leash is. They know the distance they can go before it will stop them from going farther. Dogs will spend most of their time at the far end of that distance.

So, we start walking down the driveway, George sprints off to the distance he knows he can go, and YOINK! The shorter leash stops him.

Stops him, but not my phone, which promptly went flying out of my hand when the leash jerked.

Because my phone hasn't seen enough torture yet.


Where before the screen was cracked but still in one piece, it is now shards in the corner. I'm sending it to a friend today, he said he's able to fix it and would like it. I didn't damage it any more than I already told him about, than he had already seen. I am, however, frustrated that I didn't see the leash length being an issue and hold on tightly to the phone. First time I drop my new phone, I will rage at myself.

The annoying part of the walk was that Grace didn't even move more than the short leash's length away from me.

She was trained that was the distance of her freedom.


Grace has attained enlightenment in knowing the extents and limits of her leash and is happy with this.

George has attained enlightenment in knowing to never trust you again, you leash troll!

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